Articles / PSP Accessories (Introduction)

Date: 03-01-2008 03:03
Author: Jesse


Well hello again. I want to help you understand all there is to know about all the different accessories available for the PSP.

The PSP's camera will definitely be focused on here as its one of the most asked about add-ons. This focus will include the software and many ways you have to obtain and use the camera.

This guide will also include all the microphone solutions for the PSP. Why do you want to know about the mics? Perhaps you want to talk to people during multiplayer games, or you may be looking for a mic to use w/ Skype or Go!Messenger (no longer available). Either way, I'll be giving you the most detailed info about whats available.

Aside from camera and microphones, I'll also be talking about the GPS, TV tuners, and the LocationFree Base Station.

If you don't care to know about everything you can skip to different sections but be aware that I may refer back to previous sections to save myself the need to retype information.
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