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Date: 02-25-2008 14:37
Reviewer: Mason

Type: PSP
Genre: Shooter
Developer: Guerrilla Games

Killzone Liberations is a game for PSP, first released in 2006 by Sony. So far, this game has been very popular, has reached platinum, and has had 2 online patches. Not only that, but this game is good.

You start off in chapter one, after navigating the easy to use menus from the game. This games events, by the way, is set a little after the events of Killzone on the PlayStation 2 back in 2004. If you have tutorial mode enabled, you can go through the levels learning aspects about the game. If you are ready though, you may start one of the best games taking its place in the PSP hall of fame!

There are many features of this game. You can buy weapons, upgrade weapons, replay levels, do challenges, play ad-hoc, and even play this game online! The game also has 20 levels, with an extra 5 in a download, so that is a grand total of 25 levels!

This game is not a First Person Shooter (FPS) this time, nor is it a Third Person Shooter like Syphon Filter, instead its similar to the very old Grand Theft Auto games, with a slightly different angled camera view. Yes, this game is a ‘birds eye’ or a ‘From Above’ view. This does not affect the Gameplay though, which is brilliant!

As you can see, the graphics are quite smooth and well suited for a PlayStation Portable game. But Killzone Liberations isn’t just a shooter game, it has other good features as well, one of them being Crew Commanding. In some levels you are assigned your position with a follower, a part/man of your team! He will follow your instructions when you give them to him, in a way that looks like its you playing him! You can give him commands for things including shooting every soul out off the highast (your enemies), hide behind barriers, you can even give him injections of health to well heal him! This game is, hopefully as you can see, very good!

Vehicles! Yes, this game also contains a number of military-mobiles, like battle tanks and enemy wheels as well! This vehicles can be used quite helpfully, because they have a better armour than your character, its weapons are more powerful, and most have infinity ammo on those weapons, and some are generally faster as well! This part of the game is also very fun to play as well.

Almost overall time, but before I place my verdict on this game, you could even try it out for yourself! Yep, that’s right, the Psp Demo Center has the demo of Killzone Liberations available for download! This demo is 26mb, but because of its long name in the coding, you can ONLY download this demo on a Pc/Mac.

Overall, this game is a must have for any Killzone fan, or any shooter fan looking for a new game with insane online games. As I cant get my gaming name yet, I will have a multiplayer review up in the next few weeks, which will explain both ad-hoc and the infrastructure modes.

Graphics: 8
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 9
Multiplayer: ??
Lifespan: 9
Overall: 8/10
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