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Date: 02-25-2008 14:37
Reviewer: Mason

Type: PSP
Genre: Shooter
Developer: Guerrilla Games

Its here, the multiplayer review of the PSP exclusive title: Killzone Liberations! This game will extend the lifespan of your already great game. The multiplayer modes will get you with your friend battling together in co-op, killing your friends in Ad-Hoc, and killing the rest of the world in the Infrastructure modes.

However, many people who have brought this game will have noticed it does not say infrastructure 2-8 on the back of its case. This is because you need to download a patch to play online, weighing in at only around 8mb, perfect for any memory card, even if you’ve got a 32mb, or a 16gb.

However, its not just all online. Ad-Hoc allows you to complete the story mode together, which is rather fun. Also, most of the online modes and maps are their to entertain you and your friends in deathmatches and assaults. Ideal for when you are all together for the afternoon.

This is the best part of the multiplayer, enjoyed by humans and helghast. The online is the recommended part of the multiplayer aspects. You can play many modes, including assault, standard team and normal deathmatches, capture the flags, and much more. There are also all the weapons, supply boxes and characters you would find in the story modes. Add online leader boards, and friends lists, and you will get plenty of hours of enjoyment. Not just that though, you can speak to your team mates, with either a headset (don’t think go-cam works…) or by text chat. With this you can communicate with your team and strategically get around without getting wiped-out. It is certainly recommended to play Liberations online if you have WiFi access.

The difficulty of this game is varied. Battling a group of new players, and you will meet VICTORY! However, Battle a group of very experienced expert players, and be prepared to be crushed! Most of the time though, its easy enough, along as you know what weapons you are best to use. I recommend using the missile launcher, or the shotgun.

To finish this up, the online modes of Killzone Liberations are a beauty, although improvements could be made, such as more modes, maps or a slight difference between the story and the multiplayer. The Ad-Hoc modes are good as well, the co-op is a nice, welcome feature, and the deathmatches are ideal if you have loads of friends, with a PSP and a copy of the game. This is one of my favourite online games, others being Syphon Filter Combat Ops and Logan's Shadow.

If you need help getting the downloadable Killzone add-on pack, then you can find a 'How-to' guide HERE.

Difficulty of use: Easy
Hacker level (Online): Hardly Any
Gameplay: 9
Lifespan: 9
Overall Multiplayer: 9/10
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