Date: 02-19-2008 15:30
Reviewer: Heartbreak

Type: PSP
Genre: Shooter
Developer: EA Canada

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 is a FPS for the PSP and was first released in N.America on November 13th, 2007. It was developed by EA and is a sequel to the PSP exclusive game, Medal of Honor: Heroes. Unlike Heroes 1, this game was also released on the Wii.

Gameplay: The controls haven't changed much from MoH: Heroes, but they do feel tweaked. The only downer with the controls is that you can't jump. In the previous game, you could jump through the levels by pressing the "Select" button, but EA removed that feature. Everything else, such as running for a limited amounts of time, can still be done. You look around with the face buttons and move with the analog stick. The game would have been a lot better with a second analog stick, but you really won't care once you have the game. The campaign mode is great but it is still short. There really isn't much of a story in Heroes 2. You play as an OSS operative, who goes around parts of Germany and kills every enemy in sight. Even though there are 7 missions (all of which seem longer than in Heroes 1), Heroes 2 still seems shorter.

Graphics: Heroes 2 certainly looks better than its predecessor in the graphics department. Lots of areas look well detailed and polished, with explosions still looking great. It will get you crazy about the game at first, since is for the PSP.

Multiplayer: The multiplayer is probably going to the mode you spend the most time playing. It can support up to 32 players online and 8 players locally. Since this game doesn't have a gamesharing mode like Heroes 1, each person who wants to play ad-hoc is going to have their own copy of the game. Skirmish mode from Heroes 1 was also removed from Heroes 2, so anyone who doesn't have wireless internet and is looking for offline play versus CPU players, you guys are out of luck. There are 6 maps in total and only 3 game modes.

Sound: Again, EA did a excellent job in making all the sounds great in the game. You can hear gun noise in the background and mortar fire, which adds again to the intenseness. The sounds will really grab you and make you play the game over and over again, especially in multiplayer.

If you enjoyed the first game, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is definitely worth a look.

Gameplay: 9.5
Graphics: 9
Presentation: 9
Lifespan: 7.5
Multiplayer: 9.5
Overall: 8.5
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