Date: 02-25-2008 01:11
Reviewer: ?

Type: PSP
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Collision Studios

300: March to Glory puts you in command of the infamous 300 Spartans who waged war on the Persians at the battle of Thermopylae. The game follows the movie, but it's storyline is comic based.

Gameplay: The gameplay for the game is classic. Each button is assigned to a specific action with the analog moving the character and the D-Pad triggering special attacks/techniques. There are different methods of fighting in the game each unique to its class.

Methods of fighting:
   Sword & Shield: The sword and shield combination is the most used and perhaps the easiest to get accustomed to. Your character wields the Spartan shield and sword, together with these weapons you wage chaos against your enemies.
   Spear and Shield: The spear and shield's movements are similar to the sword and shield's. Except that the spear will be needed to break through some of your stronger opponents armor and shields. Also the spear can be thrown from a distance to kill far away enemies.
   Duel Swords: Although you don't start off with the Dual Swords you will quickly find yourself using these blades to greater damage your opponents. The only downside to the dual swords is that you cannot block while using them, leaving you vulnerable to 'raining arrows'.
   Phalanx: The phalanx is a line of Spartan warriors tearing down opponents. The phalanx can only be used in specific parts throughout the game, however it is fun to control while it lasts.

Graphics: The graphics are good but not great. They resemble an early PS One game. Although the game does offer a series of environments and enemies to battle, none of which look bad or underdeveloped.

Sound: The game's sound is action based. The background music, is barely audible except in areas where it plays direct importance. However the other sounds are great. The sound of battle and of arrows raining down are both very convincing. Also the game features player voice-overs which means that you won't spend much time reading the storyline.

Controls: The controls to 300 are great. They are extremely responsive. Also the enemies aren't so strong that you will find yourself on the floor half the time. The game also features specific techniques that will give you and extra edge over the opponent.

Upgrades: The game features a series of upgrades. When you kill an opponent you get a specific amount of points that can be contributed to upgrading your character. You can purchase upgrades ranging from weaponry, techniques, or combos.

Overall: This game is a great game for Action/Adventure lovers everywhere. It offers that mindless violence that players have come to appreciate. I would recommend 300:March to Glory for anyone who is interested in reliving history or just wants to play a good action game.

Graphics: 8
Gameplay: 10
Sound: 8
Controls: 10
Overall: 9
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