Date: 02-28-2008 16:04
Reviewer: Jesse

Type: PSP
Genre: Fighting
Developer: Eighting

If you haven't heard of the series Tekken then you must have been living under a rock for the past decade. Tekken is to 3D fighting games as Street Fighter is to 2D fighting games. Sure there have been a few other games that appear to be similar to Tekken but none of which have been around as long and have garnered such high regard from the industry. The first Tekken was released to the Arcade and PlayStation platform and since then there have been 6 other iterations which includes 2, 3, Tag, 4, 5, and Dark Resurrection. Every time they make a new Tekken the graphics improve and for the most part the controls become a little bit better. But they never attempt to stray far from their roots.

Now that I've completely bored you with history lesson, we can move along to talking about the game which this review is about.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection is a half sequel to Tekken 5 and it is one of the most successful games of summer 2006, for good reason. It looks, feels, and sounds like Tekken 5 which was a PS2 game. When it came out everyone exclaimed, "wow it looks like a PS2 game!" Up until that point, there were very few games to make use of the PSPs full potential and with 60 frames per second during your fights it is definitely a game to show off the potential of the hardware.

The details of the game ... 35 stages, 36 characters, and costumes. The stages are all from previous games but remastered with different weather and daytime effects. There are 33 returning characters along with 2 new playable characters and 1 unplayable boss (he's playable in the PS3 version). Now the worse part of the game in my opinion is the costumes. They are an annoyance as you have to fight many matches just to accumulate enough points to buy a backpack or a hat that you end up disliking. It may have been better if I had someone to show off my goofy looking dressed up characters to but I didn't take advantage of our next focused feature ... multiplayer.

This game almost did it right with multiplayer. It gave the ability to gameshare over ad-hoc so only one UMD was needed to get your game on with a friend. The downside was that you actually needed a friend within range and to most of the PSP users out there that means we're out of luck for any decent multiplayer matches. The inclusion of infrastructure would have put this game at the pinnacle of what a PSP fighting game should have but alas it fell short. It is good to know that the developers actually made an online multiplayer patch for the PS3 version so expect some real online fighting matches in the future if they ever release another PSP edition of the game.

Oh, they did attempt to get around having no online multiplayer by giving people the ability to record ghost data. Ghost data basically figured out which moves you used most and how accurate your timing was. It then allowed you to send this data to a friend where he could then fight your fake-self. I never used the feature as I felt it was a nice attempt but not something I wanted to waste my time with.

You also won't be finding much in terms of story. If you ever played a Tekken game you know the story of each character is different. They never actually progress the story much from within the game but rather you find out what 'really' happened when the sequel comes out. But seriously, who buys fighting games for the story?

My score seems low but with the advancement in the series since its release you sort of feel it was just on the edge of greatness and was perhaps released too soon to take advantage of the PSPs multiplayer potential. Yet, the game is truly a solid title for the time of its release. You won't be disappointed in it unless perhaps you already have the PS3 version of the game. Either way, if you can find it at a budget price its a great game to add to your collection.

Visuals: 9.5
Sounds: 9
Controls: 9.5
Story: 6.5
Multiplayer: 6
Overall: 8.5
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