Date: 03-15-2008 17:20
Author: Chris


First off lets clarify that an OPML file is simply a collection of RSS feeds (aka Podcasts) listed in XML format. To put it more simply, by creating and using OPML files you are able to share or receive more RSS feeds at once. This is helpful for some sites as they may have 5+ RSS feeds, and rather than saving each one separately, you can import them all in one shot by creating an OPML file.

There are many OPML editors out there but for this article we'll show how easy it is to create an OPML using PSP Media Manager (requires a PC).
    1) Download PSP Media Manager for PSP HERE.

    2) Open the program and go to the RSS tab.

    3) Add the RSS feeds that you would like put into an OPML file to share.

    4) Select the folder where the RSS feeds are located and click Export Podcasts as OPML file.

    5) Choose where to save it and you're finished creating and ready to share your favorite feeds.

Now that you know how to make one, or perhaps you already have one but didn't know what to do with it. This part may require a PC if the site you are getting the OPML file from doesn't allow you to save it in the proper folder.
    1) Find an OMPL file.

    2a) When clicked on with a PSP you will be prompted to save the file to the /PSP/RSSCH/IMPORT folder.

    2b) If you are on a PC you'll need to "File | Save Page As..." once you open up the document in your browser. And then place the file into your PSP's /PSP/RSSCH/IMPORT folder. If your memory stick doesn't have this directory you will need to make it.

    3) After the OPML file is saved to the memory stick you will have to Import it by going to the RSS Channel under the [Network] category and pressing the button to bring up a menu. The Import option should be towards the top.

    4) Follow the prompts and you're as good as done.

Remember that not all OPML files you find will have feeds that are compatible with the PSP. The info above should assist you if you ever run across OPML files in the future.
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